April 18, 2021
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  • 💥 Forex Weekly Analysis & Forecast – 27 September To 2nd October 2020 💥 – By Vladimir Ribakov

💥 Forex Weekly Analysis & Forecast – 27 September To 2nd October 2020 💥 – By Vladimir Ribakov

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Forex Weekly Analysis & Forecast – 27 September To 2nd October 2020

This video is created by Vladimir, International Certified Financial Technician, Forex trader and the owner of Traders Academy Club.

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What technical analysis methods and what indicators do I use? How do I prepare my weekly forex analysis and how to use this video? I make my trading analysis and trade my trading setups based on market money flow and price action relying on the cycles and the trends. I use Fibonacci Expansion and Fibonacci retracement and much more. I watch for trend lines, support and resistance level as well. The way to use the weekly market analysis and weekly forex forecast is very simple. I set my trading directions and lay down a plan for the upcoming week. At that point I’m following the directions and looking for trading setups. You can execute the actual trade once you get a trading setup. That could be a manual setup or any software (I’m using Forex Triple B, Forex sRs PRO ( , Forex Crystal Ball and the Divergence University).
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I use Meta Trader 4 (MT4) for my videos as it’s a very popular and convenient trading platform to work with. Meta trader 5 (MT5) is also a platform you can trade my ideas. How to use meta trader 4?

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• Trading Channels –
• Japanese Candle patterns –
• Cycles and waves trading (Price action trading) –
• Divergence, Hidden Divergence –
• Convergence and false breakouts –
• Trend lines –

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