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12 Sekiro Tips And Tricks To Easily Conquer The First 10 Hours

By on July 31, 2020 0 30 Views
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You want Sekiro tips and tricks? We got Sekiro tips and tricks. Enough to get you through the first 10 hours, explaining the best skills, where to find prosthetic upgrades and how to beat the Chained Ogre, Juzou The Drunkard, Blazing Bull and other early bosses. These Sekiro tips will see you through and set you up for the horrors to come.

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These are the tips and tricks that make Sekiro Shadows Die Twice more fun to play – a better selection of prosthetic arms – including the Sekiro Firecracker location – and tips of how to use them to bring down enemies and bosses with ease. We also explain the Sekiro best skills and how to unlock more Skill Trees – you want to unlock the Ashina arts in order to have some extra brutal combat tricks. We also how advice about how to Sekiro XP farm and the correct way to treat money to avoid bankruptcy on death. One of the simplest Sekiro tips is to learn to lure enemies away from the crowd to have more one-on-one fights – it makes the game more of a stealth game, so is one of our favourite Sekiro tips.

Towards the end of this Sekiro guide you’ll find our Sekiro boss tips – mainly how to beat the first handful of bosses in the game. Are you having trouble with the Sekiro chained ogre? We’ll tell you how to beat Chained Ogre with ease. You want to know how to beat Juzou the Drunkard? Our Juzou the Drunkard tips will bring him down first time. We also explain how to beat Blazing Bull and the Sekiro horseman, Gyoubu Oniwa – it’s an easy fight when you know how to do it. So I hope you find these Sekiro boss guides useful. The Sekiro bull, Sekiro drunkard and Sekiro chained ogre will go down in no time.

If you are looking for specific Sekiro Shadows Die Twice tips, here are some timecodes for you:

00:46 – Sekiro combat tips and how to use stealth to divide the enemy
03:09 – How to use the Loaded Shuriken for easier combat and stealth
04:10 – Where to find prosthetic upgrades and how to use them (Sekrio firecracker location, flame vent location and loaded axe location)
06:07 – How to save your money when you die
07:00 – How to unlock the Ashina Arts skill tree
07:58 – The best Sekiro skills to unlock first
09:52 – How to XP farm in Sekiro (and why you should do it early)
10:57 – How to beat Chained Ogre (you can cheese him easily)
12:19 – How to beat the Shinobi Hunter
13:20 – How to beat Juzou the Dunkard (again, very easy when you know how)
15:10 – How to beat the Sekiro horseman – Gyoubu Oniwa
16:23 – How to beat Blazing Bull (again, easy when you know how)

I hope these Sekiro tips and tricks help you get over the initial hump – if you have tips of your own for these early hours, please do share them in the comments below. If you have any questions about our Sekiro guide please do ask them and we will do our best to offer some advice. It’s a great game when you aren’t just grinding against an impossible obstacle. If you found this video useful, please do like it and subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun. Oh, and check out our other Sekiro videos while you’re here. Lots of Shinobi fun to be had.

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