April 18, 2021
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1inch – Chart Technical Analysis – Ascending Wedge – NEWS – Various Crypto Chart Review

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1inch – Chart Technical Analysis – Ascending Wedge – $1400 NEWS – Various Crypto Chart Review
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I explain how to view charts on multiple time frame. How to determine some Support and Resistance (S&R) lines and draw a trend line. The 1inch chart has an ascending triangle pattern, I review possible price targets, how to dollar cost average in and out of a trade. Also how to use the Fibonacci tool (retrace and extension). Wait for the breakout, look for volume and wait for the confirmation. Reminder this channel is for education and is not a signals platform. Invest in learning the skillset of technical analysis it will pay dividends. Decide when to sell, develop a trading plan and stick to it. Don’t let greed get you.

The cypto’s of focus in the video is 1inch
Here is the charting platform I use, if you upgrade, you get some $ and I get some $:

This video is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. I am not a financial advisor; this video should not be considered financial advice. You are responsible for deciding what is best for you, and your personal risk tolerance, if you feel you need financial advice please contact a financial advisor with proper credentials.

Also, I am looking for feedback in the comments, for future video content.

Possible Topics I can create videos for are:
• Entrepreneur Mindset/Concepts – Self Development
• Crypto Information – articles – news etc
• Forex Trading – You own 100% control
• Technical Analysis – Crypto and Forex
• Health and Wellness products, I have used to loss close to 100 pounds

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David Gandarillas

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