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5 Simple Tips to Avoid Trading Impulsively – Forex James

By on July 14, 2020 0 23 Views
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What’s IMPULSE trading?
“Acting on the market when you’re not supposed to and regretting afterwards.”

Good trading is NOT natural, often times we are tempted to act when we stare at the charts – this is because what we see on the charts triggers our fight or flight response.

Being afraid to miss out a on move when we see that big bodied candle, afraid that our take profit level won’t get hit, ignoring our trade plan and jumping in on a move, and so on and so forth..

Here’s 5 Simple TIps
Use pending orders only
Don’t over leverage
Limit the number of trades you’ll take in a given period of time
Don’t interfere with trades
Exercise and maintain a healty lifestyle

Remeber that FEAR & GREED govern the markets, and it is our job to put our emotions aside and trade objectively.


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