September 19, 2020
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Af Global Expert Forex trading bot

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Esta es una configuracion que fue creada en base al crash del mercado del mes de Febrero del 2020 a la fecha.

If you like video, please give me a like, the VPS service is very useful to operate in different markets from a virtual computer.

VPS that I recommend

PIVPS the most economical and efficient on the market


I recommended this Broker for Forex Trading Robot

Here is the link of the broker that you can use to create a cent account, I recommend to get an account because the bot work much better, this way you can have more free margin to open many trade in the market

Just Forex


Broker Recommended to trade Indices and Gold EvolveMarket


If you have any question or doubt contact me .. !!

Contact me on Telegram @Antonvela

Thank you for whatching my videos…

NOTICE: The information in this channel is only my opinion, it is not an investment advice. The recommendation that I can tell you is consult your financial advisor before put your money at risk.

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