March 8, 2021
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Alpha Play Forex Fundamental Analysis & Market Sentiment Masterclass

By on September 13, 2020 0 69 Views
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Gain the wisdom to read market behaviour with clarity and trade with conviction.

Equip yourself with the ability to decipher what’s going on in the market and ‘predict’ where it is going to next in Singapore’s first ever
Forex Fundamental & Sentiment Analysis Master at $197 only.

This is what you will learn –

– Learn what moves the currencies
– Learn what currencies are tied to commodities
– Learn which countries’ currencies are correlated
– Know when is a good time to trade and when to stay out
– Learn how to read economic news like a pro
– Know how to decipher market sentiments
– Improve your win-rate exponentially

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Read what one of our attendees said about our masterclass –

“From this workshop I learnt that many factors affect currencies movements – such as the central banking policies and economic indicators. I also got to understand more about risk on/risk off environments and directional bias. The mentors explained these concepts very clearly. Thank you.” – Seow Chiew Peng

“I learned about sentiment analysis to see what others traders are inclined to long or short and fundamental analysis which tells me the mandates of the various central banks.” – Marcus Yeo

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