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Best Books To Learn How to Trade

By on July 31, 2020 0 26 Views
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Best Books To Learn How to Trade

Best books to learn how to trade

I wanna start with a small reminder that you won’t learn to start day trading in one day. The industry makes us believe that by buying a small course you’ll become a profitable trader really fast. That is not true! Learning how to trade requires time and effort. Of course- once you’re a successful and profitable trader – well you’ll be able to live the life you’ve always been dreaming about!

You can earn a lot of money but you can also lose a lot of money. So be careful! I believe that day trading is 85-90% psychological and only 10-15% technical. The majority of us think that the technical part is the most important part of learning how to day trade. Looking for the best strategy to adopt is not necessarily the best way to do it.

You’ll need to find the strategy that goes with your way of being and that fits you. That’s what makes day trading so difficult and what makes so many people do not get the results they were hoping for.

I’ll share with you best books to learn how to trade which are mostly associated to our brain and not to the strategy to use. In fact the unconscious mind processes information much faster than the conscious mind. In trading we need to make fast decisions which would require us to use the subconscious instead of the conscious mind. The conscious mind which will have formatted the information before using it which means that you will have time to process and manipulate the information.

Here you have a list of the Best books to learn how to trade

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz – I was 16 when I read it the first time and it is really good! It will help you understand some underlying facts about psychology
Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas – the trading bible for most people
The science of getting rich by Wallace Wattles
The power of the subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy
Market wizzards by Jack D. Schwager
Market mindgames by Denise Shull
Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

These are the best books to learn how to trade I recommend to start trading and remember do not go live before having the knowledge to do so!

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Best Books To Learn How to Trade

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