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Currency Trading & Forex Education Strategies

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Shawn Lucas covers the ins and outs of Currency Trading & Forex Education Strategies.


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What causes market movement? Why is there support and resistance? Shawn explains what is actually happening behind the scenes in the forex market when the price is moving up and down.

We know investing in any of its forms can be exciting, profitable and even fun. We also realize there are risks, disappointments and even frauds out there waiting to take advantage of people.

We created the Apiary Fund to help people manage investment money successfully. As a result, we have developed this promise in order to bring transparency and confidence. Our fund, platform, and system of trading is real – no scams, no investment, no risk.

We’re real people. Our traders are real people. Each week our dozens of traders place real trades with our real money on the live market. If they win, they keep a split of the profit. If they lose, they aren’t responsible for paying it back. That’s why it’s the Apiary Fund’s responsibility to help each individual become successful and manage risk responsibly. It is the unique symbiotic relationship between the Apiary Fund and its community that makes it a great business model.

The primary purpose of the Apiary Fund is to help people learn how to invest successfully by joining in the active management of an investment fund. Apiary defines success as the ability to generate consistent profits, limit risk, and manage the emotions of investing. It is our goal to increase the number of successful traders and to create a friendly environment where the traders support the community and the community supports the traders.

Successful investing is built on proper education, training, and practice. Since traders use the company’s money to trade, it is important to Apiary that we offer the best information, strategies, and resources for successful trading. It takes time, dedication and a strong desire to become a successful trader. While we provide training resources and a community of learning, it is our associates’ responsibility to put in the time to study, learn and practice.

It is one of Apiary’s core purposes to help investors limit the risk of loss during the critical phase of learning how to trade real money. For this reason, we promise that we will provide funded trading accounts to 100% of the associates who meet the following requirements over a 90-day period:

1. Total winning trades must exceed total losing trades.
2. The average win must be greater than the average loss.
3. No loss is greater than 5% of the account balance.
4. Current on the monthly program fee.

Furthermore, we promise that we will continue to work with an associate as long as it takes until they are funded.

Because Apiary associates will be managing Apiarys’ money with absolutely no risk to themselves, it is crucial to our success to help our associates learn how to invest right. To keep the purpose pure and incentives aligned, we will never ask our associates to put money into the fund as an investment, security deposit, or reimbursement.

Many of our traders have done well-managing assets in the Apiary Fund and have enjoyed the associated rewards and profits. However, we do not teach or suggest that traders will get rich quick using our program. Two factors have a significant correlation to success: time and activity. As part of our promise to be candid in our communication, the following data is provided to help associates better understand the probability of success at various levels of engagement.

Month 6: 58% 1000 trades: 63%
Month 9: 62% 5000 trades: 68%

The only required cost to become a trader for the Apiary Fund is the tuition for our Trader Development Program and a monthly program fee. These fees cover the cost of the staff, facilities, training, and technology. It is not an investment into the Apiary Fund. Apiary may offer additional products or services to complement its core program but they are only supplementary and not necessary for funding.

Due to the proprietary nature of Apiarys training material, processes and trading systems, Apiary Fund is not able to provide a refund to associates who have logged in and accessed the information and material on the Apiary Fund website. We do, however, offer unlimited lifetime access to all of our training material and guarantee that we will continue to work with you until you are funded.

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