March 9, 2021
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DARA APP – Introduction To AI In Forex Trading

By on November 12, 2020 0 59 Views
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DARA APP is a fantastic AI (Artificial Intelligence) based development to make your trading decisions easier, effective and mainly – MUCH more profitable!

“At DARA, our focus is on IA, intelligence augmentation. We use information technology as a tool to enhance human decision-making instead of replacing humans with autonomous AI systems.”
— Ivo Luhse, Founder & CEO of DARA TRADE

So what can you get with DARA APP?

Strategies You Can Trust 💚
DARA performs strategy tests around the clock — only strategy signals with a proven track record are sent to you

Goodbye, Subjective Trading 🚫
No more guesswork and trading on guru “recommendations”. See all the strategy stats and expectancy before each trading signal

Smarter Trader = Profitable Trader 🚀
Investments in knowledge yield the highest returns. Learn to trade at Live training webinars and engage with other DARA traders in private chat groups

Get transparent trading signals for your favourite markets — DARA is the perfect app for smarter trading

Connect your existing broker
Send trading deals with a single click to your existing broker – MT4 integration available now

You can try your DARA experience right here –

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