October 31, 2020
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Economic Calendar Analysis, Earnings and Important Events (Hindi)

By on July 5, 2020 0 29 Views
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Economic Calendar Analysis is a part of the successful trading strategy. A successful trader or investor keep a close watch on the Economic Calendar for any potential volatility in the stock market.

Volatility in the stock market is both good and bad. For professional traders, high volatility means intraday trading opportunity. Whereas conservative retail investors are not comfortable with high volatility as the risk increases.

In this video, i have shared a website that lists down all the important and not so important economic events. These events are critical for investor or trader. Normally, i avoid intraday trading on high volatility days.

You can also set a recurring event for an event relevant or important for your investment or trading. One of the best parts of web interface for Economic Calendar Analysis is that it tells you the expected probability i.e. expected volatility will be low, moderate or high. You may filter out non-important economic events from the list.

Another important feature is earnings data available on this website. The best part is that it also shares forecast of the earning data & comparison of actual data with the forecast. it helps the investors and traders to decide the stock direction post result.

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