October 25, 2020
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Economic Calendar | Trading Terms

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The Economic Calendar is the list of events that influence the largest global economies and their currencies. When new traders enter the financial world they quickly understand that this calendar exists and that the direction of currency pairs is very often influenced by it.

But what exactly does this calendar consist of? Is it the same every week, month or year? Does it change or is it fixed in time?

Here to answer all these questions is trading expert David Jones. In a step by step guide he shows us the different types of economic data that impacts economies – inflation reports, unemployment numbers, interest rates, etc. He also discusses the variability and changing nature of the economic calendar.

The main part that all traders, regardless of their experience, has to remember is that events can be extremely volatile, bringing both opportunities and threats. But being able to predict or react correctly to these events can provide an advantage.

At Trading 212 we provide an execution only service. This video should not be construed as investment advice. Investments can fall and rise. Capital at risk. CFDs are higher risk because of leverage.

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