February 26, 2021
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Excellent Trend Trade After Surprise Nigel News Gbp/Jpy FibMatrix Forex Scalping Software trade room

By on January 7, 2021 0 20 Views
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Another great live trading room session! Dynamic Fibonacci grid trader and forex coach Sam Shakespeare takes a nice 1 minute trend trade after a surprise news announcement regarding brexit. This sent strength into all sterling pairs and Sam was quick to jump on the opportunity for about 12 pips. That’s about 1.2% account Growth from the trade!

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Video Transcript:
hey traders how we doing
Sam Shakespeare coming to you laughs
happy Monday
it’s actually Veterans Day here in the
state so I don’t know how the markets
gonna be but sterling just bumped up on
some news so maybe pound dollar pound
yen something like that
how’s it going Chris good to see you sir
les how’s it going sir welcome to
another session hey Wendy
alright I hope everyone had a good
weekend and there’s Savannah hey
Savannah let’s see hey George and Chris
it’s Veterans Day George
but because of this cable
stuff so probably not gonna do a very
long session I mean if something doesn’t
work itself out quick it means we’re not
going to get launched actually today
banks are closed so there’s a lot of
players they’re just not in the game

shot it up pretty high shot it up pretty
high now on the five minute chart it’s
k and
it’s starting to take charge now it’s
one minutes below the 5 minute oh one
and lower lows are happening on the 1
if this curling l1 starts to act as
resistance it hasn’t tried yet that
would be the point where I’d say we
probably start maybe thinking about it
short and then if we did that to stop
unfortunately the high is up here so if
you don’t put your stop there you could
just be giving away pips if you put your
do get it here 77 and you put a 10 pip
stop at 87 chances are it’ll stop you
out and then balance at 91 just drop all
right so you don’t want to put your you
don’t want to put your general right in
front of your army you want your army to
do the job and your general is behind
and your general throws up the white
flag he’s the one that puts the stop in
place that’s you right so you don’t want
to though I’m right in front of your
army when they’re about ready to do
battle try to let your army work so your
army are these levels of resistance and
support and then there’s obviously clear
roads up on cable and pound yet maybe we
should do the long on these guys before
it gets out of hand before they start
going again I mean the news was bullish

showing us trend and you know I want to
be clear for you guys you really want

Galion going up pounding is looks like
it could be the clear winner here guys
let me see what the low is on the one
minute twenty five and we’re up at 32
all right guys I think I’m gonna have to
try it I’m in a minute 32 all right I’m
in 32 to take these clear roads this one
is almost creeping up and it just keeps
bouncing off of this lower level here so
I got in at 32 it’s still gonna have to
move up to get some profit out of this
Dulli and moving up of any direction I
want dollar/yen to go it’s up so that’s
you know it’s slowly going up slowly but
it’s it is pushing higher that’s that’s
good that means possible yen
that means dollar is stronger than yen
right and that means pound dot pound
will have a harder time moving up
against a stronger currency so it’ll
have a harder time to move up against a
stronger dollar then it will having to
move up against the weaker yen so as
long as all yen keeps moving in that
direction that’s a good sign all we just
need is is pound to get a little
strength to continue that all right so
we’ve got clear roads and we’re trying
to get our army here of support so it’s
pushed its price alone
should see this start moving soon it’s
gonna work but let me go refresh my
coffee as a non
all right I got my coffee now so we’re
hanging out above the boxes the
one-minute box is now leading

all right +8 just about an area
keep pushing
Sally kick cables starting to take over
pound dollar and that’s good plus nine
there we go
I’ve got the trade protector kicked in
here’s flush 12 maybe we take one off
here just to get some double digits I
took half off plus 12 it does have a
trade protector kicked in
stop it break +5 is where it kicked in
cable still pushing see it’s at the top
of its candle so his pound yeah and
here’s 13 almost at this slow car I mean
we’re almost at a slow car we might get
a little pullback but we haven’t yet
we already got half pulled out it +12
alright I’m out I was hoping to get a 13
something but I didn’t I got a 12 and
help 12 pips on the trade so I’m out

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