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FAKE NEWS!!! 5 Forex Trading Myths And The Truth About Them!

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Here are some fake beliefs and wishes traders have –

* How to make 100% profit every week?
* The best forex trading strategy
* The best Fibonacci strategy
* How to trade forex successfully?
* 90% accuracy forex strategy
* How to be a winner trader
* What is the best forex system?

All these, are questions and doubts that the traders deal with on daily basis!


In This Video, I share with you the FAKE NEWS of Forex trading. Or you can say – the 5 myths of trading and the truth about them!

• Can anyone be a forex trader?

NO! Most people come to the trading world just for the wish to make money. They don’t care about trading. They don’t want to learn, they don’t want to understand how trading works. You can’t be a successful trader if you don’t care about trading. You can’t be successful at nothing if you aren’t ready to pay the price! You can’t be a successful doctor if you don’t care about medicine and your clients. You can’t be a successful sportsman if you don’t care about sports

• Do you need a big account to trade forex?

Totally wrong! Most traders think that they need big accounts to trade successfully. That’s wrong. If you can’t make it right with a small account, you’ll never make it with big numbers. The bigger the numbers the bigger the pressure!
Nowadays, there are so many companies offering funds to traders that prove themselves! You don’t need risk own money. You can apply to any of these programs and enjoy funds. All you have to do is to prove yourself is a stable trader.
Stable trader means making 5% or 10% or even less, but consistent.

• The Best Forex Strategy

Most traders are looking for a good forex strategy. Most think they can find the best forex strategy. The truth is, that it isn’t important how good your strategy is, you won’t be a successful trader if you don’t understand trading and how the trading world works. The strategy makes you enter and exit trades. But you can’t become a successful trader just by clicking “yes” on strategy alerts.
A good strategy is important, but learning forex, learning to trade – is much more important!

• Trade anytime, anywhere, from home just with your laptop!
Sounds good, isn’t it? The truth is that the market doesn’t care about your schedule. The market doesn’t care for any trader needs. You need to be there when opportunities occur because if you won’t be there, you won’t be able to trade them!

• Make 100% profits on dailyweeklymonthly basis!
How to duplicate your forex account every week?
What a great dream!
Most traders dream of making 100% profit, or as it’s called – ROI, every week! Or even better, every day. Theoretically, it’s possible. If you are always right with your trades. The problem is, it will most likely not happen. Everyone dreams of that, everyone fails.
The bigger the numbers you dream of making, the bigger the risks you need to take. And the bigger the risks – the bigger the chance to blow your account

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I wish you a wonderful trading week!

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