April 12, 2021
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FOMC sep18,2013-Live Forex News trading

By on May 28, 2020 0 80 Views
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Well,been a while since my last upload,Had some broker slippage issues and had to seek-out another good decent broker for news trading! In this video,am testing out 2 brokers and made a total of $805+ from the FOMC news event,trading less than 2mins..my name is Albert Fash and i developed the THG Straddle Trader Diamond Forex News trading Software.

Visit www.thgstraddle.com to learn more about my software,my subscribers get inside secrets about reliable brokers for news trading!!!..brokers with little or no slippage!!!Forex news trading is here to stay and we’ll keep on making more money!!! You can join us too,visit www.thgstraddle.com today!

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