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Forex Analysis

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Types of Forex Analysis

There are many ways to analyze the forex market in the context of trading. Analysis is necessary to identify good trading opportunities. We will look at two main areas of Forex analysis and learn more about them. They are closely related to the correct forecasting of Forex trading. It is also important to emphasize that testing both areas of analysis will help determine which method – or what combination – corresponds to your personality.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis of forex concentrates on a variety of factors affecting the foreign exchange market. You will need to pay attention to such fundamental factors as: gross domestic product, inflation, economic growth and production. Thus, a fundamental analysis on Forex involves studying the economic power of different countries to make reasonable forecasts forex. This gives us information about the impact of geopolitical and economic events on the foreign exchange market. For example, some figures and statements of politicians or economists are classified among traders as specific economic announcements. This can seriously affect the movement of the foreign exchange market. In fact, ads related to the economy or politics in the United States are crucial.

And so we come to the question of how to forecast the Forex market? Fortunately, economists have created a standard economic calendar in which they daily predict different economic values ​​based on recent events. It usually contains the following data: date, time, currency, data, published, actual, forecast and previous. There are certain economic indicators that almost always have a strong impact on the movement of the foreign exchange market. Among them:

-Interest rates
-Employment situation
-Budget, Trade Balance and Treasury Budget
-GDP (gross domestic product)

Traditionally, when a certain country increases its interest rate, its currency will therefore be strengthened due to the fact that investors will move their assets to this country in order to get higher profits. Be sure to consider this when trading Forex.

The rise in unemployment is one of the signs of weak economic growth, which ultimately can lead to lower interest rates. This can have a negative impact on the currency. A country that has a significant trade balance deficit is likely to have a weak currency. In the EaP – this is the main identifier of the strength of economic activity. There is a link between the high GDP indicator and the expectations of higher interest rates, which refers to the positive factors for the currency in question.

How can a trader use all of the above to predict the movement in the market? First, always keep an economic calendar . You also need to know which forecast indicator gets the most attention, because it will eventually become a catalyst for future price movements in the Forex market. And, finally, pay attention to changes in the news – the situation on the market can change in no time.

Technical analysis

The essence of technical analysis is that it is used to determine the behavior of prices in the future on the basis of historical data. The idea is that history can repeat itself. In turn, these patterns, caused by the movement in the price, are called signals. This is the purpose of technical analysis – the identification of current market signals by checking past signals in the Forex market. This can help traders make daily Forex forecasts. In addition, prices are moving along trends. Technical analysts tend to believe that price fluctuations are not accidental and are not unpredictable. Once a certain type of trend is formed, it will continue for a certain period of time.

Forex traders can use volume charts, price charts and other mathematical market data presentations (hereinafter referred to as research) to discover the ideal entry or exit points from a trade. This is what can help a trader learn how to predict Forex.

Some of these studies help to identify the trend, while others help determine the strength and stability of this trend over time. Technical analysis can increase discipline and reduce the impact of emotions in your trading plan. It can be quite difficult to track fundamental influences and adhere to entry and exit points according to your plan. Despite the fact that the system is not ideal, technical analysis gives you what you need for daily analysis and forecasting of Forex, and allows you to more objectively evaluate your trading plan.

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