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Forex Hedged EA – Entry direction does not matter – Hedging & transaction management does 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

By on August 30, 2020 0 187 Views
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NEWEST VIDEO MUST WATCH: “+1000 Forex traders prove that direction is NOT important when entering Forex trades ✔️ Manage them!”
Forex Hedged EA – entry direction does not matter – Hedging & transaction management does 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

When you say the EA works or is successful what does that mean?
When comments like that are made we are talking of averages. The Forex market and this EA can produce results that can vary between 95% and 35% over the short term depending on which currency and setting are used and which market conditions existed. Those comments refer to a mixed basket of major 6 to 9 currencies back tested traded over 6 months. Some will be losers and others will winners but the average should be good. As the EA was developed and finalised recently there are no live results available. Use the guarantee period to prove the EA to yourself.

q-iconWill this work on US Broker accounts ?
Probably not. The EA uses Hedging. It also closes deals in random order when they qualify to be closed. The FIFO rule might be a problem. There are offshore brokers that will gladly open accounts fro US Residents. Click here for a discussion of alternatives:- US Residents
Random, Hedged EA
Expert4x has been testing random and hedged trading for years and we have finally found a trading approach that works in any Forex environment.

So you can use any currency, any timeframe and any settings and on average they are likely to produce successful results 75% of the time on a truly set and forget basis.

Simple to run
How it works. At a selected time of day, the EA will open a buy and sell transaction every trading day (create a hedge). By managing the transaction with a stop, a target and 3 specialised following stops it will make sure your gains are a good size compared to your losses and success rate.

Some settings produce 80% success rates which is quite good compared the fact that a Buy and Sell is entered at the same time to start with. We have restricted the settings to only the most profitable ones so no need for set files or suggested setting. You can use setting you like – even the default ones.

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Thanks for watching this Expert4x video. The EA will be launched soon.

The analysis shows that win rate did not matter much. Of the 43 mil transactions over 50% were winners. So the idea of taking a trade in the opposite direction than your clients did not work. Direction is not the key.

So what makes a successful trading record. It turns out the problem is that the average trader, on average, let their losers run and cut their gains short resulting in a huge loss. In spite of a success rate over 50%.

Think about it. These are statistic based on 43 mil transactions giving a profile of the average trader.

So transaction management seem to be the answer. You need to cut your losers quickly and let your gains run. An old story everybody knows but it is difficult to do because of psychological reasons.

So what if we could create an EA that does that. It would eliminate the psychological problems. We could trade in both directions (hedge) at the same time and make money.

A EA using simple dynamic following stop that starts with big following distances and then reduces following distances as the transaction progresses does this. This is not rocket science.

So you can enter buy and sell transactions and let transaction management result in, on average, losers that are smaller than profits. That’s all you want because buying and selling at the same time give you a reasonable success rate.

Sounds good.

So we did it.

….and it works

Watch the video.

For more information, start by reading the FXCM article and then watch the video.

much better than binary options

Still early days – watch our emails for more news.

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