April 14, 2021
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FOREX TRADING 2021 – What's Next?

By on March 6, 2021 0 19 Views
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Our view on today’s Open in the financial markets.

Today we talk;
First big trade of the year will be Tuesday/ Wednesday around the Georgia senate run-off.
Also talk Bitcoin & focus on USD shorts

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We are FX trading focused but we’ll trade most markets as we see opportunities in any financial markets including equities, fixed income, crypto & weed.

This Morning Call is the kind of analysis we used to get on a daily basis in our HedgeFund days. Here we make it available to all traders.

Opinions not advice, Privateers not Pirates

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Traders, you’ll know how the big banks have multiple advantages when trading FX. One of those is the ‘Morning Call’ – a strategy session before the markets open that gives expert opinion on what can be expected from the trading day.

Now, with daily Morning Calls & a weekly preview from PrivateerFX you can have the same advantage as those big banks and trading houses. Our traders each have over 20 years of FX Markets and Hedge Fund experience and with this YouTube channel they share their opinions with you. We reckon this is as good as any FX strategy perspective you’ll get anywhere.

PrivateerFX is a marketing endeavour where a marketing guy (‘Dublin’) takes these calls and publicises them. Daily Morning Calls are currently available on Twitter (@PrivateerFX) & YouTube (s

Private Investors & Traders can now get access to the same type of knowledge that used to be only for the biggest trading houses.

Of course, this should not be considered financial advice, it is opinion only and you are solely responsible for your own trades.
As we say; Opinions not advice, Privateers not Pirates

FOREX TRADING 2021 – What’s Next?

This video, channel, the associated Twitter feed & associated website express opinions only which should not be considered as financial advice. The purpose of this service is to provide education & entertainment for people who want to know more about the FX markets, in particular those that would like to know what a professional opening call would look like. We do not offer trading advice nor are we attempting to sell you individual securities. You are responsible for your own trades and the service providers you choose to use. Furthermore we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the data we use.

If you are interested in our site and YouTube channel it is likely that you will at some stage trade FX or other financial markets through a broker who will offer you margin. Note that trading on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you are unsure as to your suitability.

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