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Forex Trading Strategy: Using Price Action On ANY Chart

By on September 19, 2020 0 87 Views
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Forex Trading Strategy: Using Price Action On ANY Chart
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In this Forex Trading Strategy video I go over how the highs and the lows, or price action, effect what is most important in the market. What Will happen?
This Forex strategy can be applied across any platform or chart as it relies on the simplest of data. The highs and the lows created in the market.
We go over exactly WHY these highs and lows are created. Why they are significant and why they are the visualization of fundamental analysis.

Even though this is a Forex trading for beginners strategy, it get overlooked by traders of all skill levels. This is such a key forex trading strategy that you should be paying attention to it on every Forex market you trade.

Bruce Banks, specializing in Futures and Forex
Join Thousands of trades from the United States, Canada, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and around the world using TAS Tools *and free training videos*

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I strive in this channel to deliver a mix of trading knowledge and practical, applicable, how to trade information related to stocks, futures and Forex markets whether you be a daytrader, stock trader, futures trader, or CFD trader.

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The indicators and methods that I use?

Methods: Technical analysis combined with a cursory overview of the market and it’s behavior as a whole. This includes high low mapping, prior resistance/support, multi time frame analysis, technical, and market conditions from outside sources.

Indicators and platform: TAS Market Profile Tools, custom indicators, and NinjaTrader. On our site we offer both training and a TAS Tools Discount

TAS VEGA is one of the key indicators in the TAS Tools indicator suit. It gives you a clear red light green light indication on strength or weakness in the market. With the orange bars giving you even more insight into what market profile is telling you about the current market situation.

TAS Tools works on Bloomberg, NinjaTrader, Meta Trader 4, MT4, eSignal, Gain Capital, and TradeNavigator. It overlays directly on your chart to give you valuable Market Profile Information in an easy to read interface.

The TAS Tools suit includes TAS VEGA, TAS Boxes, TAS MarketMap, TAS Navigator, TAS Ratio, TAS Static PCL support and resistance indicator, and TAS dynamic PCL support and resistance Indicator.

All of these are based off of Market Map which has been a powerful trading tool used for decades to see information that isn’t readily available on your trading screen.

These tools work on Forex markets, Futures Contracts, Stocks, and ETF’s.

NinjaTrader offers charting and an easy to customize package, it has been my go to platform for years:

EnvisionChart Website:

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TAS Trading Tip VEGA ATR Settings:

POC Line Thickness

TAS Tools: VEGA Indicator Orange Bars and Scaling Out -Quick tip-

TAS Tools using TAS VEGA and TAS Boxes For Breakout Trades

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