February 25, 2021
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Forex Weekly Forecast – Short Sell Profits

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Posting my Forex Weekly Forecast, what I am watching in the markets this coming week and what I expect to happen. My week forecast is overall short sells, Give it a watch to see what currencies I am focusing on. Find out in this video what I am going to be trading for the coming week.


YOUTUBE: @Samuel Leach

I am Samuel Leach a stock and fx trader, my journey started by working up the ranks through the leading independent private bank in the UK known as C Hoare & Co. I quickly fell in love with the mathematical side behind trading stocks and FX. I built up my personal wealth trading the stock and fx markets and then opened Samuel and Co Trading. This educational hub teaches individuals how to trade and diversify in the financial markets. To date, Samuel and Co Trading have taught thousands of individuals around the world how to understand the markets. Fast forward to 2020 and I am now an author of my book Formula For Success and Yahoo Finance ranked number one trader to follow in 2020. Whilst Samuel and Co Trading has just come 7th out of 500 companies in the UK for Fintech Disrupter Awards in 2020 for their highly recognised algorithmic trading. Find out more about us at

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