March 4, 2021
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Free DailyForex trading tools and forex information supplied by the Expert4x Group

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Today we received an email requesting information about which currencies correlate with the EURUSD.
We are surprised how many requests like this we get when there is so much Daily Trading information free available on our websites in one place.
We have created a website and video which will show you how to find free information such as:
Free Daily Forex Market reviews
Free LIVE currency volatility information
Free LIVE relative strength of currencies
Free LIVE Forex Market NEWS
Free LIVE broker spreads for 60 Brokers
Free Desktop clocks
Free economic announcement schedule
Free Currency Heat Maps
Free Daily Technical analysis of all the major currencies
…………..and much more
Please watch this video for more information
We supply you with all the free tools you need to trade – including up to date correlation information on both our main websites

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