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FX News Bot Review – A Dynamic Forex News Trading Technology

By on November 5, 2020 0 53 Views
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– FX News Bot Review – A Dynamic Forex News Trading Technology

Dear fellow Forex trader,

FX News Bot has been developed from a profitable Forex news trading strategy by William Morrison and transformed into an automated Forex trading system that takes advantage of global news releases and the affect that they have on the Forex market.

After almost 2 years of analysis, developing, and rigorous testing, FX News Bot has been banking profits consistently from the market movements caused by most news releases.

This is a powerful and reliable system that will work intelligently for you.

FXNewsBot reads news releases coming from an Economic Calendar feed, and then it determines when and where to place a buy order and when and where to place a sell order in your Forex account.

The trade signals are based on the deviation it receives from the Economic Calendar feed.

News releases (for various countries) take place throughout each and every month and can effect the price action on the various currencies, depending on the importance of the news release.

The full package includes:

THE INCREDIBLE FX News Bot Trade Copier Software
Complete, Detailed, Easy To Follow User Manual
Daily Support Team Support
Life Time Updates
60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

FX News Bot is one of the few genuinely profitable Forex systems available. You can enjoy the opportunity of having consistent profits from news releases that will help fuel your lifestyle!

More information and bonuses:

To your trading success

Michael Sommer


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