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How I Integrated Harmonic Patterns in My Trading – Forex James

By on October 15, 2020 0 67 Views
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The Gartley, Bat, Crab and Butterfly. Most traders are familiar with the names of 4 of the most common harmonic patterns. I have used them in the past to make trading decisions, but the point I’ve come to realize is that knowing HOW and WHEN we should use these patterns is crucial.

Trading the pattern on a standalone basis is NOT what I do.

Being a discretionary price action trader, I still look at price first and foremost before adding any other tools. I’m a big fan of the gartley and bat because they don’t exceed the initial price point (point A), therefore I would know where to put my stop loss.

This is my style of trading and I simply look at the last leg of extension to look for my entry points.

This is how I incorporate harmonic patterns into my trading.
Look at price to get a direction bias
Look for PRZ (Levels)
See extensions of the last leg (point C tp D) of pattern
Enter at confluence


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