March 5, 2021
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How to find FOREX mentor? 🧐

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HOW can we find a good FOREX mentor, WHY a FOREX mentor is necessary and WHAT should we look from a FOREX mentor has been explained briefly in this video

Thanks to Ayman Sadiq, CEO of 10 Minute School Bangladesh, for making a very informative video on mentorship. He clearly explained why a mentor is necessary, how can we find them, and what we should look for from the mentors. You can watch the full video in the following link:

Similarly, in our FOREX trading, we need a mentor who can ease our life to make our path little bit smooth. Unfortunately, many people or scammer take advantage of this point and sell many courses, indicators, trading signals, or strategies to capture some free money. We should be careful about this type of fake mentors and we need to use our common sense to find a good mentor for your FOREX career. In this video, the importance of FOREX mentor and how we can find a free mentor from online has been explained. Please watch this video and apply your own commonsense before investing any hard earn money to any FOREX coaching center or in FOREX membership program. In the future, I’ll make in detail video on how to search for a good group of traders or how to find a good mentorship program online. But before subscribing to any paid membership, I will highly suggest you find the available free resources from the open platforms.

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