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How to get notifications of big news forex events using MyFxBook

By on July 29, 2020 0 87 Views
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You may have wondered how you could get email/mobile notifications on high impact news. You may be caught trying to trade against a big news event like FOMC, NFP or interest rates for a specific country.

There is a way to do it, I guess there are more, but I wanted to share one you could use so you will be notified X minutes or hours ahead of time. It will help you to make a decision if you are about to enter a trade, stay on a position and hold it, or close it fully or partially if you think your hard earned pips might be in danger.

Steps to follow:

Sign up at www.myfxbook.com
Locate the Economic Calendar:
You will find a little bell icon on the right and some filters, press on those bells that correspond to the news events you want to get notifications from

Remember: you will need to stay logged in MyFxBook in order to get the notifications, it’s crazy, but it works like that. Maybe they fixed that already or they will in the future. This can be solved by installed the Android APP on your mobile, you will get informed instantly on those news through push messages.

More information at

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