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How to Identify and Trade Market Structure | FOREX

By on November 22, 2020 0 44 Views
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Hello traders! Glad to see you here!

I really hope you are having a great and profitable week so far!

In this video, I will shortly breakdown how to understand and trade market structure. It’s a very simple approach that will require some work from your side, but it’s very powerful once you understand how the market structure works. I also mention a little strategy that you can start using. You just need to add an entry approach.

If you need any help or you want me to analyze another pair, create a specific video on a topic or anything else, please make sure to hit me a message or leave a comment! I really hope you will enjoy the content and will implement some of the details I mention!

I wish you an amazing week full of profits and high-quality trades! Stick to your plan and be disciplined!

Iliya Sivkov

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