March 7, 2021
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How to Set Up thinkorswim® for Stock Trading

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thinkorswim® is an industry-leading trading platform that offers powerful trading tools, real-time data, and superior analytics. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate ways you can set up the thinkorswim® desktop platform for stock trading.

0:00 Welcome
0:39 Set up the Left Sidebar
0:55 Create a personal watchlist
1:50 Add a pre-built watchlist
3:26 Create a dynamic scan and watchlist
5:44 Link gadgets within thinkorswim®
6:26 Customize the Trade Grid
7:25 Customize your charts
12:20 Create Alerts from the Fundamentals subtab
13:58 Create custom stock order templates
16:04 Create a custom stock order using an OCO order type

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