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How to trade GBPCAD Forex cross pair supply and demand analysis forecast

By on December 1, 2020 0 62 Views
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How to trade GBPCAD Forex cross pair supply and demand analysis forecast, buy opportunities

GBPCAD Forex cross pair is rallying sharply creating very strong imbalances on the daily timeframes as expected and mentioned in previous long term supply and demand analysis done a few days ago for GBPCAD Forex monthly chart. We were expecting price to rally from that monthly imbalance and that’s exactly what is happening on GBPCAD Forex cross pair and other GBP Forex cross pairs.

GBPCAD Forex cross pair bullish forecast October 2019

There are two several new daily demand imbalances created on GBPCAD Forex cross pair daily timeframe. Only longs area allowed in an uptrend, no shorts allowed, as simple as that. The last two daily demand levels have played out nicely, brand new one around 1.6354. Price will probably keep on rallying higher providing trade setups and entries in lower timeframes.

There are only three trading decisions to be made every time we look at a chart, either we buy, we sell or we do nothing. In this case we should be taking action since we have very strong impulse, selling is not possible so the only direction we should be thinking of trading is longs, bullish bias and forecast for GBPCAD Forex cross pair.

This is the kind of price action technical analysis you will learn in our trading community. You will learn how to locate new supply and demand imbalances and trade without using any indicators, no news, no fundamental analysis, no earnings announcements, no volume or VSA analysis. Just supply and demand imbalances.

Trading supply and demand imbalances is ideal for beginners and those with a full or half time job, you won’t need to stay in front of the computer all day long trying to move price action with your mind.

As supply and demand traders, we do not need to pay attention to the news, fundamentals or any earnings reports. Once a big timeframe imbalance has gained control, earnings do just the opposite and reacts strongly to those imbalances. Why is it that you see positive earnings and then the underlying stock drops like a rock, or a negative earnings announcement and the stock rallies like a rocket out of control? You are probably missing the fact that there are big imbalances gaining control.

Unless you are doing very short term trading and scalping, you should not worry about fundamentals or earnings announcements.

You can use these imbalances to plan your trades in lower timeframes. Trading is just waiting for the right trigger points and scenarios to present themselves, this game has got a name and it’s called the waiting game. We need to patiently wait for the correct scenarios and setups to happen and wait for price to pullback or dip into the price levels we want to trade, in our case these price levels are made of supply and demand imbalances.

If you want to learn how to trade using our supply and demand trading strategy, join our supply and demand trading course.

There are several ways of buying stocks. When trading stocks, you can buy shares of the underlying stock or use options strategies to go long or short at these specific supply and demand levels, long calls or long puts or spreads. You can even buy a CFD (contracts for difference) if you are in a country where it’s allowed.

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