August 3, 2020
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Is there a Best Time of the Day to Trade for UK Traders? ☝

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Is there a best time of the day to trade for UK traders? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Day traders should set their alarms for these times. Although there is no specific best time of the day to trade the markets, there are definitely certain hour that offer better opportunities for day trading. Here is what times to set your alarm:

8:00am – this is the open of the FTSE, DAX, European Markets – you should be watching the market conditions at the very least.
9:00am – this is the first hour but it is a time which could be important for actioning your trading plan.
11:00am – this is when the market generally starts to quiet down and you don’t want to open any new positions.
13:30pm – this is often when data announcements start coming out – jobless claims, data from the USA…etc
14:30 – USA opening bell – this is when the USA markets open and we usually get a spike in volatility.
15:00 – this is a double one – we often have big data coming out but we can also get a trend change during this time.
16:30 – European markets close, perhaps you want to trade during that last half-hour.
18:00 – European markets have closed, I’m looking at the USA session – 18:00 can bring a trend change as well, might get a bit of a chop and a spike.
20:00 – Final hour – market is closing in an hour. I might have positions running or trade ideas that will mature during the hour.
21:00 – Closing bell – end of trading for stocks in the USA.
21:15 – this is the futures close

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