March 6, 2021
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[ITNW] The Best Forex Robots. BFS Trident Robot and BFS Lazzy Lizzy

By on January 26, 2021 0 16 Views
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When Europe falls asleep and American day is dying, EUR/USD slows down. Volatility falls to its minimum and night flat rules over market.

Price quotes move slowly and form a narrow price channel. We studied night flat patterns and price behavior of EUR/USD at M15 and developed our special CROSS-NIGHT algorithm.

Cross-Night algorithm detects night flat channel and places trades when price breaks its limits. Here is an example of such order

Lazzy Lizzy is lazy just during a day, but at night she is a professional trader. Usually there is a trade once in 2 nights, but it may also trade every night.

If she skips trading, there should be a strong reason for it, don’t blame our hardworking Lizzy robot, but, just in case check that you installed it at EUR/USD, M15 and that internet connection is ON. Auto trading in MetaTrader4 options should be also enabled. We have one of our testing accounts linked to myfxbook, so if you like you may check trades frequency there.

We have done everything to make this robot as profitable and safe as just possible. Its trades frequency depends on market, as you know. Profit factor also depends on Lot Size or risk you selected.

If you selected auto Lot, it will increase Lot while growing a deposit as seen at screenshot above. Though, even while Lot Size is growing, your profit may vary – check the screenshot again – there is such a feature as floating breakeven. So, if Lazzy Lizzy is not sure about trend it will not wait for a huge loss and will try to close order as soon as possible even with a small profit.

Trident Robot is the first Forex robot based on Marketshift analysis (MSA).

It covers almost 10 years of market activity.

Core algorithm of Trident Robot works like a trend – detector based on MSA.

MSA research findings (trend patterns, factors and market algorithms) are copyrighted. Best Forex Soft team has an exclusive right on these developments.

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