March 4, 2021
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Learn how ForexFactory became the Best Forex support website used by Expert4x clients to trade Forex

By on October 8, 2020 0 90 Views
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Forex Factory has the most informative Economic Calendar information, Up to the minute Forex News, Informative and active Forums, Current Trading information and current Currency market information. This turns this website into a one stop Shop for every Forex trader. The presentation of the information makes it very easy to use.

Expert4x and our Forex clients have been using ForexFactory as our Forex trading support website for years now. Forex Factory is one of the top rates Alexa Forex websites and has a 2300 worldwide rating.

Forex Support Services
The Forex Forum has hundreds of forums and comments and discussions. There is however a great search facility that will help you find the Forex topic, techniques, system or any Forex discussion you want to get involved in.

The Forex Economic Calendar is an industry standard. It rates the importance the announcement and provides great detail about the history of each announcement. You can flip backwards and forwards and align the announcement to your local time – How great is that?

The Forex news section is presented in a great format. It shows all or the latest news, hottest stories, most commented one and shows the comments made. Extremely informative page and the first one to go to when there is a crazy move in the market – You will know very quickly what is going on.

A very unusual service is one where the activity of live accounts linked to the service are shown. So you can see the overall sentiment of the market shown in how many traders are long and how many are short in many currencies and the returns produced by live traders.

In the Market information section, you can view Forex trading charts. These charts are special as they show the news events impact the currency being charted. This gives a view and evidence of how news events and market opening impact the market.

Give it a Try
The more time you spend of the website the more Forex trading information surprises you will discover.

In a nutshell, if you are a Forex Trader and you are not using Forex Factory you could be losing out.

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