March 5, 2021
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Live Forex Alerts

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These live forex alerts for 28 pairs are based on currency strength. The alert system is called The Forex Heatmap® and it is available from

This is an example of live sell alerts on the JPY pairs. The selling on these pairs for the AUD/JPY started in the Asian session and continuing forward to the EUR/JPY in the main trading session. If these pairs are trending down on the D1 time frame or higher you can enter the sell trades off of these alerts and sell these pairs down to our target prices listed in our trading plans. The target prices are based on support and resistance levels and multiple time frames. The heatmap signals can be used entering trades in the direction of the major trends of the forex market, or also for intra-day trading or ranging pairs also. We will provide you with the trend indicators we use on our website, which are exponential moving averages, along with the daily support and resistance levels in our trading plans. Having a trading plan and a live signal/alert system is the key to forex trading success. You can find out more about The Forex Heatmap® and our complete trading system for 28 pairs at

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