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Live Forex Trading – Managing a $1k Profit Into News

By on October 7, 2020 0 74 Views
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See below for an overview of what you can learn in the FREE Forex Live Rooms!

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In this short Forex trading video I cover something we discuss with our clients in the Free Forex Live Trading Rooms – How Risk:Reward in Forex is Dynamic not Static and how this should be considered in the Forex markets when managing trades into Economic data releases. Enjoy 🙂


In the FREE Forex Live Trading Rooms we cover:

– How to manage risk correctly in Forex including multiple techniques for creating good Risk:Reward ratios

– How to successfully trade short term technical opportunities

– How to apply Advanced Elliott Wave Theory in the Forex market

– How to correctly use Fibonacci like a Professional to identify:

– Entries
– Exits
– Stop Losses

– How to identify Advanced Pattern Recognition Techniques in the Forex market

– How to Identify the Market Condition & Market Structure correctly in the Forex market

– How to understand & apply Market Psychology in the Forex market

– What the Banks & Institutions are doing in the Forex market and why (How they trade, when they close their trades etc).

– Identification of mistakes made by other retail traders for profitable opportunities

– How to cut losses correctly in the Forex market

– How to control your emotions as a trader

– How to asses fundamental economic data affecting the Forex market

– How to place long term Position trades like the Hedge Funds & the Banks

– How to create a 4 step Forex trading process to identify the best set ups whenever you open your charts


What else comes with the Forex Live Room service?

– Daily Currency Strengths

How do we find which Forex pairs are more likely to provide good opportunities?

Our trade selection process is hugely important to consistent profitability in Forex and we take great care with this part of our analysis.

A detailed rating system is applied to individual currencies taking into account rigid Technical Analysis on all time frames between, and including, the 1h and Monthly charts.

Each time frame is given a rating with the lowest time frames given more weighting to account for the most recent data. Once these ratings have been established, a multi-month fundamental assessment is made taking into account all of the major economic data releases for that currency in the recent past.

All of these ratings are then put through our Forex spreadsheet formulae to generate an overall rating for that particular currency.

The second part of our Forex Trade Selection process is to pair the currencies with the weakest overall rating with currencies with the strongest overall rating.

Using this Professional grade, institutional ratings system you will be able to maximise your winners and minimize losses by trading Forex pairs with most potential at any given time.


– Major Support & Resistance Levels

How do we find the Support & Resistance levels in the Forex market?

Support & Resistance levels are determined across multiple time frames with the most important levels coming from the Daily, Weekly and Monthly charts.

Banks & Institutions involved in the Forex market use these major levels in their Forex trading strategies and knowing where they are will have you trading in the same direction as the big players.


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