March 4, 2021
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Market Maker Technical Analysis VS Forex Fundamentals

By on October 19, 2020 0 60 Views
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Market Maker Technical Analysis vs Forex Fundamental Analysis is one of the biggest debates in the Forex trading realm. This video shows how the Forex Market Makers and the Big Banks use the Forex Fundamentals (News) to complete their objectives and trap unsuspecting Forex traders. Market Maker Technical Analysis is often referred to but not well explained outside of the classic “stop-run” tactic. This video helps to show the reason behind the techniques they use and the times they are likely to use them. As an aspiring Pro Retail Trader this is an essential concept to understand when looking at the chart and being able to confidently tell what is taking place in the markets. Knowing this information will let you confidently take your trades and be able to put on increased size when your trading signals appear.

*The clip used in the video is the documentary ‘Billion Dollar Day’ created by the British Broadcasting Corporation on June 4th 1985.*

The documentary clip from ‘Billion Dollar Day’ is used for educational purposes only.

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