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Power Bi Dashboard | Trading Journal | Forex trading Report

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This is a Trading Journal template, very easy to use. Please follow me step by step to how to use this template:
1. Copy your trade history from MT4 detailed statement.
2. Paste in excel file.
3. Link the excel file to this Power Bi Template.

Power bi is a free software from Microsoft used for data analysis and data visualization. Power bi reports and dashboard can be viewed in desktop, web browsers, power bi cloude, and mobile phones.

A picture tells a thousand words. The dashboard is so comprehensive that you can see the account summary and strategy performance at a glance.

Closed trade history data is visualized into 4 part in this dashboard.

Account summary
Effective key factor, Risk summary
Strategy key factor, Weekly evolution
Performance Detail, (Pair Summary, Session Summary, Pips gained etc)


1. Use the Date and drop-down filter to filter the dashboard.
2. Drill down Icon is used to drill down to the next level. like Year – Quarter – Month – Date and drill up to upper levels.
3. Click on any part of any chart or visual to see its data in all other visuals, charts, and tables. Click on empty space in the same visual to clear filter.
4. Use the full-screen icon to see the visual in full-screen mode

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