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Quantina Forex News System UK Manufacturing PMI 2016

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UK Manufacturing PMI
how to set Quantina Intelligence News System to trade on this event.

Stand-Alone Application
No need to install it, one single file only. It doesn’t make any changes in registry and it doesn’t use FTP protocol. Compatible with any PC or VPS. As a stand-alone application give your trading platform a huge advantage.

The most advanced coding method
It’s working on the lowest resources of PC and/or VPS (server), because of Quantina Intelligence Forex News System coded by a highly advanced method to reduce memory or CPU usage. Also, it doesn’t use additional Memory or CPU in the not necessary time. It causes faster execution and stable running than ever.

Avoid Multiple News Indicator conflict
Quantina Intelligence Strategy Developers realized that one single economic news release can not give us a correct trading direction if at the same time releasing several different economic data on the market. If their deviation is a conflict then the market could be highly volatile and unpredictable…

Integrated MND core (Multiple News Decision Core)
…that is why we have developed an MND core (Multiple News Decision Core) to give you additional advantages during news trading. With MND core you will able to add multiple news events with different conditions to a single Intelligence (trading decision). Quantina Intelligence News System can process multiple indicators.

User-friendly Interface – Instant Trading Signal
Simple: Choose any news event from a simple Economic Calendar on our interface. Set your conditions easily as a simple form. Add it to your Intelligence and set up click co-ordinates on your broker’s BUY or SELL button. Activate it with one click. No need to understand scripts or any programming language.

Changes Everything
Not just all the most important economic indicators such as US NonFarm Payroll, Unemployment Rate, or Inflation reports can be traded, but every high, medium, and low impact of news events too from almost 42 countries. Unlimited opportunities and trading rules can change everything.

After News Auto Click Delay
Instant Auto Click and After News Auto Click method also can be used in this version.
Customizable After News Auto click can delay your trades for the beginning of next timeframe to avoid – high spread and – volatile market conditions. Delay valid for the scheduled time and not for the news released. In this case, you will have an extra advantage for a trading opportunity.

Get More Info link…
Built-in get more information link for every economic news event. Click on the news event by right-mouse-click and choose “Get More Info…”. You will get additional information from such as what type of this news event, history data with charts, and also a simple explanation for beginners regarding actual data how will affect the actual currency.
“A higher than expected reading should be taken as positive/bullish for the GBP, while a lower than expected reading should be taken as negative/bearish for the GBP.”

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