March 8, 2021
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Teach me how to trade new Forex Binary options Trading room on Discord

By on October 31, 2020 0 58 Views
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About the course If you want o become a professional trader I have made 2 complete courses one for Binary Options and one for Forex. Here is the detail of the complete paid course for Forex here is the detail of the course :
1/ Trading journal and plan , Meditations, vizualisations, compound trading money management,
Excell trading journal with checklist and tracking method good and bad market conditions to trade
2/ Support and resistance lesson, probabilities computations, Volume at price explanation,
3/ Correlation trading, Horizontal congestion zone, triangles channels
4/ Price action trend definition, Fibonacci explanation hidden most powerfull levels and confluence, Moving averages
Fibonnacci time zone and fan
5/ Price Action course in depht: Angle and lenght analysis, Depht of the movements, Momentum, single candlestick analysis and combinaison of 2 ,
Development of 1 candle looking in the lower TF to get the true meaning, Forecast of future and mental preparation
6/ Forex higher TF price action trend following strategy
7/ News trading principles
8/ MM method big money cycles and how to profit from it
9/ Income generator strategy combined with MM method
10/ Simplified Income generator strategy
11/ Last Strategy with tight SL and reward up to 10 times your risk
12/ Trend line strategy
13/ Creative vizualisation techniques to change your mind into accepting to make a lot of money
the complete package gives you all the tools to become a professionnal profitable trader on the long run
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