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This Is How Bear Grylls Really Makes All His Money

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Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls has actually got quite a few side projects that help keep that cash flowing even when he’s not in front of the camera. Here are some of the highlights from his financial journey over the years that have helped him mint his fortune in spades.

While it isn’t everything, the successful survivor’s television career has obviously served as a critical piece in founding his financial fortune. Man vs. Wild, his first blockbuster show, was watched by over a billion viewers. But in more recent years, the Discovery Channel sensation managed to leverage his growing popularity into several other shows, including Running Wild, in which he’s taken numerous celebrities with him on his adventures in the wilderness.

According to The Richest, it’s estimated that Grylls raked in a whopping $30,000 per episode and that was just during his stint on Man vs. Wild. Since then, the numbers only seem to have gone up. Needless to say, there’s no doubt that Mr. Grylls’ personal fortune has received a healthy boost from the years he’s spent in front of the camera.

Television career aside, Grylls has also made several savvy real estate investments over time, the most impressive of which has to be the island he owns in Wales. But we’re not talking about a dirt-rich celebrity dropping a ton of cash on a fancy new island just for fun.

According to The Telegraph, Grylls actually bought the island in 1999, over five years before Man vs. Wild started up. The island, which he considers one of his best investments, covered 20 acres that came with a cottage in need of renovation. He spent the four years following the purchase scrimping and saving up enough money to make repairs. In 2008, Bear estimated he’d spent 100,000 pounds on the project and that it was worth a cool million.

Call it old school if you’d like, but when The Telegraph asked how he preferred to pay for things, Gryll’s answer was short and simple: Keep watching the video to find out how Bear Grylls really makes all his money!

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