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Top Trading Books For Traders

By on July 24, 2020 0 33 Views
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This list highlights some of the great Wall Street books every trader needs to read. It’s an age-old question: Are good traders taught or are they born?

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For more on trading check out:

Mastering the Trade, Second Edition: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups – John Carter –

Street Smarts: High Probability Short-Term Trading Strategies- Raschke and Connors –

Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master – Victor Sperandeo –

Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader: Lessons from 21 Weeks of Real Trading Peter Brandt

The Universal Principles of Successful Trading: Essential Knowledge for All Traders in All Markets – Brent Penfold –

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