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UFXDaily Forex Currency Trading News 12-February-2017

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The US Dollar went up on Friday, edging closer to a 14-year high. The EUR/USD dropped by 12 pips, ending the day at $1.0643. The GBP/USD currency pair also dropped, slipping by 6 pips, down an exchange rate of $1.2491.

The USD/CAD took a hit as well, dropping by 62 pips, ending the trading week a $1.3083CAD exchange rate.

Oil prices are up, following record OPEC compliance. Barrels of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) went up by 1.62%, closing at $53.86. Brent Oil also closed on a positive note, ending the week at $56.70 a barrel, after going up by 1.92%.

Gold finished the week with some more mixed results. Ounces of COMEX Gold dropped by 0.07%, down to $1,235.90. Gold-Spot on the other hand, went up in price by 0.43%, closing at $1,233.62 an ounce.

Financial stocks and share shot up on Friday, following the announcement of Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo’s resignation. The hike also pushed up major stock indices.

The DOW continued to trade above 20,000, going up by 0.48%, up to a 20,269.37-value point. The S&P 500 rose by 0.36%, up to 2,316.10. And, the NASDAQ went up by 0.33%, closing at 5,734.13.

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