May 12, 2021
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What Is Insider Trading And Why Is It Illegal?

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How Powerful Is Brazil?
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Federal prosecutors in Brazil are investigating dozens of politicians involved in a massive corruption scandal. So, just how corrupt is Brazil?

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Brazil: Ex-Lula aide Dirceu held in corruption probe

“Police in Brazil say they have arrested Jose Dirceu, who served as chief of staff under then-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from 2003 to 2005.”

The persistence of corruption in Brazilian politics

“A number of Brazilian politicians are corrupt, and yet that doesn’t seem to diminish their chances come election time.”

Impact of Brazil’s Clean Companies Act

“We see an increased level of concern from both multinational entities and Brazilian companies, not only about existing regulations such as the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act, but also with Brazil’s Clean Companies Act.”

Brazil’s Petrobras Reports Nearly $17 Billion in Asset and Corruption Charges

“Brazil’s state oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA put a price tag on a corruption scandal that has thrown the country into political and economic turmoil, writing off $17 billion due to losses from graft and overvalued assets.”


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