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XM.COM – Peter McGuire – Bloomberg – 24/12/2018

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1. Peter McGuire speaks with Bloomberg anchor’s Tracy Alloway in Hong Kong & Yousef Gamal El-Din in Dubai.
2. Mnuchin tries to calm markets
3. Trump twitter – Wall is NOT negotiable
4. First 2 years of Trump presidency have a been a test case
5. Trump is a BIG picture thinker
6. Trump trade and upward and US equities have been a strong mover over past 2 years
7. Fed 4 rate rises for the year
8. Interesting character to observe – Trump
9. Could Trump dismiss Fed chair Powell
10. Is the Fed committing a policy error-collective mantra
11. Trump wants continued upward performance of America
12. Why is there a disconnect between the markets and economy
13. Share buybacks, bull market wash out and enormous amount of value created
14. Stimulus from China and what’s in store for the mainland next year
15. Will a deal be done between Xi & Trump
16. What impact will China have for 5G and other technologies
17. Hard NOT to be fearful for China as 2018 was disastrous
18. If softness remains for next 2 qtrs then this will drag other Asia markets down

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