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XM.COM – Peter McGuire – Bloomberg TV – 24/12/2019

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Peter McGuire speaks with Bloomberg anchors Paul Allen from Sydney and Shery Ahn from New York

1) Stock markets have had an extraordinary run over 2019
2) No one would have guessed that we would have seenm 1.5%-2% rise per month from major global markets
3) Monetary easing being the fuel to get us here
4) Inflation scares next year?
5) Inflation will eventually tick up
6) Crude sure hasn’t had inflationary impact
7) Phase 1 optimism built into the market
8) Elastoplast for Phase 1, China up 17% for the year
9) China’s still doing good numbers
10) China rebuttal and growing their economies
11) Mr Trump has his lens on Euro auto-sector for possible tariffs
12) Growth momentum moving forward
13) Trillion $ debt
14) Eyes focused and cheap money and kicking the can down the road
15) Dow and S&P up 27% & 34% for 19
16) “New normal” and yes these are unheralded times
17) Changing landscape and demographic growth for the next 20 years
18) Japanese model is so fascinating and will inflation take off again there
19) Japan has other issues before we worry about inflation

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